Wednesday, October 27, 2010


not in a good mood recently. my tests + midsem marks are all like nohorom terbaek dr ladang. mls nak pk. i wrote a lot but they give very low marks. gahhh!!! pape je la. i know my result is going downnnnn helll to the bottom of the mountain. huh!! i hate this current semester. uninteresting subjects. x ske x ske.

and and...

he's going very farr awayyyyy. pasrah je la. i won't be upset. atleast i try not to do so. jauh kau pergi meninggalkan diriku~~ lalalala. smbung sendrik ahh. x de mood. hehe.

mood kelam kabut bulan ini terbaek dr ladang aku. baek punyer~

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


i'm so damn happy today. bcuz... ehem ehem. i passed my license!!! yay!!!! got 'P' already. =D weehuuu~ no need to run away from road block nymore. hehe.

but the unhappy part is...

he got somewhere that is very far from me for the practical. gahhhhh!!!! =_=! i'm speechless. i don't know what to say or what response should i give when he told me he got that super duper far-from-me place!! i was like.. ok... jauh nyer la.. whatever. mls nak pk.

not in the mood for blogging even though i'm so damn fucking proud of myself for passing the JPJ test. gahahaha!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

marilah ber-off9

ahahaha. marilah beroffline sempena bulan broadband x dibayar. ehem ehem. sy, noor hafizah i.d 02-2000903-00*** i.c 900313-14-**** disini ingin menyatakan yg sy bakal mengofflinekn diri atas kesulitan pembayaran broadband yg dihadapi buat sementara waktu. pembayaran akan dibuat serta merta untuk mengatasi kesulitan yg dihadapi secepat mungkin.

kerjasama anda amat dihargai.

sekian terima kasih.


Saturday, October 23, 2010


gahh! seriously i'm having terrible mood swing. for this month, what did i do?? went back to k.l with absolutely nothing on purpose. last Friday after i went back home from class, i was thinking.. hurm.. maybe i should go back home. for a while. get out from this place. yeah. then i went back. without changing my uniform, i just grabbed all my things and stuffed them in bag then chiow. I arrived there around 5.30 p.m. ngam2 ooo. arrived at k.l sentral around 5 then took train to masjid jamek and then walked to my dad's office!! with my stupid period pain somemore. walking through the hectic k.l roads made me realize how peaceful is ipoh. with all the traffic jammed, gahh!! i don't want to be there nymore. =_=! sorry my hometown. i hate u cuz u're getting worst with all the pollution and the stupid unpeaceful environment.

then the next day i just hang out with my bff. we went to klcc and ate the sakana blackpepper dori fish whatever la at sushi king. yummy!! and it was fun chatting with her. atleast i've forgot my mood swing and all the irrelevant things i've been thinking inside my mind temporarily. but the part that i hate the most is how packed the klcc is!! i know it was saturday and what am i expecting right? traffic jammed as usual at the jalan ampang, and and all the ppl are packed inside the building due to heavy rain outside. my mind was spinning like crazy!! i don't know how i survive this kind of environment before i'm here in this peaceful little state. gahhh!!

but i am satisfied. met my bff then bought new pair of pants from pdi (50% discount at isetan. wooohoooo~) =) worth it!! then i went back to ipoh on the same day that is saturday. crazy right??

i dunno when i'm gonna be back there again.

p/s : planning to stay in ipoh permanently. how's that? bye2 k.l.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


gahh!! i dunno what to say. what to do. i'm really getting bored here. facebooking and youtubing can no longer cure my boredness. having oyen also cannot cure me. i really need something interesting to spark my life back. like doing some sports maybe?? yeah. i'm having a really sportless years since i've been here in ipoh. and i noticed as i'm getting older, i spent less time with my loved one. if i have my goodfriends here would be awesome. and and as the day getting hectic day by day, everybody is busy spending their time sleeping rather than spending time with me!! yess that is u mista. u know who u are. my brother also is very busy with his work and cannot see me very often like b4. my life is totally completely in its highest state of boredomness right now. =_=!

i really wish i can find things or find a person that can cure my bored-to-hell symptom here. god help me please!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

update - pharmaco & boboy

gahh!! i deserved it okay. i know. i got my mid-sem pharmacology paper today. and u know my marks is so damn teruk!! only got 10 marks out of 30 for the assay part. =_=! well, i didn't know that we have to write in 'assay' style since i wrote mine in point form. plus i don't study much lehh. left 2-3 questions somemore!! well, i thinking of retaking the exam. but to study for all the chapter back, gahh!! hell!! i only study for exam and quickly delete all the information from my brain after answering that current paper. ok2. i need to study hard from now on. have to study-for-knowledge-not-for-exam. ok2. i get it.

ha. oyen got a new partner. he's name is boboy!! will upload pictures of him later. =D ya i know it's a 'him' but my oyen is not a gay okayy. hehe. wait. did i say partner? well no actually. more like a rival to him. cats do get jealous. when i hug boboy, oyen was like looking very furious at us.
gahaha. oyen mumy still loves u. =D maybe he's just jealous because boboy is much more macho than him. he's handsome!! he's tough. while oyen is kindda like... sotong a bit la. oyen ni tu pn nak jeles ke.

i'll upload boboy's photos soon. =)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

my hero =)

yess. he's my fav hero among all the heroes in all the shitload of film i have watch!! ARAGORN, son of ARATHORN. gahhh!! i wish he is real. i mean i know Viggo Mortensen played Aragorn in all the LOTR sequel, but i just like Aragorn not Viggo okayy. I'm not a big fan of his other film, infact i did not watch them. The only film i watched which he is in is LOTR. And it is damn good!! Aragorn is such a man of my dream. haha. I remember watching LOTR and fall for him!! I actually fall in love with a movie character. =D well, he was such a macho man in that film. he is so calm to watch in that movie. he hardly speaks and that really stand out his bravery. no wonder i fall for him. gahaha. i know most pll like legolas. but hey, aragorn is not bad either. plus he did not have blonde hair like legolas. which i think is very weird. a guy having super lustrous shiny blonde hair?? duhh.

Gonna make my 7th time marathon watching LOTR sequel. =)


i'm having a terrible problem now

that is


hairfall !!!!!

gahh!! i never had this problem b4. i'm so worried right now.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

yess you are

you're the best thing that's ever been mine

yes i'm on fire when you near me

i'm on fire when you speak

only u can made me feel that


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

just stop it

i wish all the ppl can stop teasing me about it

because it's no fun anymore

and i'm getting really annoyed here

just fucking stop teasing me bout it

that's all i need for now

Monday, October 11, 2010

i miss you

i'm really down... seriously.. i cannot even think what to do anymore...
since she leave me, i've been living the life where ppl always taking advantage of me..
with or without me realizing it....
i've been through a lot...
believe in so many ppl that said wunna took a good care of me...
but in the end they're all the same...
promises are just promises... they never kept it and keep broken it.
my life without you won't be the same as before..
where i am loved and i felt secure...
i felt safe.. i felt happy...
there's no words can describe how much i need you now...
i need you by my side...
i rather die than keep living with all this shit keep happening around me...
i need you.. i need you by my side...
i sick of pretending to be happy..
where i have to keep pretending because i have nobody else in this world..
not even one.. not even one of them is like you..
no matter how bad they treat me, i still have to act like i don't care..
because i have no one..
through out the years i've been living without you, i've met so many ppl..
that pretend to care, to love, to make me feel safe...
and make me put my trust on them..
but in the end, they're the one who broke my heart and hurt me...
if u're still around, my life would be better...
where i don't have to knew all this people who hurt me so bad...
it will be just me n you...
that would be better...

i need u mom...
i really need you..

like a stone

haish. it's happening again. =_=' maybe i should. maybe i should do as what he wanted me too. i give up. okayy. i gave myself up. if u really need me to do this. i will. that's my promise.

i won't be mad if we didn't text each other...
i won't be attempt to meet you or asked u to see me...
i won't be bother if u want to go anywhere..
i won't be jelous if u're with somebody else...
i will delete all of our picture together...

satisfied?? if u do. good. hope u're happy live ur life without me. i won't be bother anything bout u nymore. okayy.

u never take what i said seriously. n maybe after u read this u will said that i'm being an emo shit. so what?? ppl will not b happy all da time okayy. i do have a heart n feeling. unlike you.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

update again

have to get up early tomorrow. *hopefully* i have to do the QTI test in order to get trough to JPJ test. =_=' it's not that hard to pass the QTI. the hardest part is... to get up so damn early in the morning!!! haaaa!!! well, it seems like i truly having problem to wake up in the morning. i mean EARLY around 6-7 o'clock. gah!!! i'm not really into the test by sacrificing my beauty precious sleep. but made up my mind already. get up tomorrow and do the test!!! yeah yeah. i can do it. (plus my license will be expire this early nov).

and and..

i dunno y when we both are away from each other. u know what happened? having a fight over a simple stupid irrelevant things!! stupid stupid!! i hate it when he's back to his hometown. he'll not texting me so frequent like he used to. my brother always teased me. he said that he's busy with other girls at the moment that is y he cannot reply my msg or text me. good one bro!!! (*dush dush* punch my bro's stomach real hard until he vomitted) i know he's only teasing me. the thing is i'm afraid that if what he said is true. gaahhhh!!! i'm thinking too much. blom gi london gi ni. i dunno what will happen if we're REALLY far apart from each other. i don't really believe a long distance relationship will work. ehem ehem. said it once again. I DO NOT BELIEVE A LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP WILL WORK OKAYYY. even the short distance one also cannot work. don't tell me the long distance one can. gahhh. all nonsense la. kan?? agree with me?? (put knife at your throat so that u guys will agree with me. gahahaha!)

Lastly, here's some photos taken while oyen is sleeping. Which got nothing to do with what i just wrote above. =P

p/s : i hate to write bout this crap things, but my blog function is to express my feeling since i don't find ppl will take seriously if i told them. oyen also won't listen to me. sorry 4 the inconvenient readers. =)

Friday, October 8, 2010

update 4 today

i finished my last 2 hours bike lesson already!!! =D QTI is coming, after that is the JPJ test. *gulp*


i'm currently very attach to my cat OYEN !! =_='

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


asal nak gi blaja moto je ujan. dunno when i'm gonna finish my license and get P!!!!!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

besa punyerrrrr!!!

nah hamek. besa punyerrrrr kuceng!!

hopefully my oyen won't be this huge. rabak poket beli catfood woi. haha.

Monday, October 4, 2010

my late hammies =_='

i miss my late hammies. they were so cute!! but.. they r all dead already.

waaa!! last time i got 5. 2 of them died on my care. 1 dead bcuz my brother's cat bite my hammy. and the other 2 died because my brother forgot to take them in, leaving them dying cold in a heavy rain.

miss to have hammies as my petsy but when i think back. no point also!! i only like them bcuz they're cute. they r not like other pet like oyen who u can touch and hug. they're just madly unfriendly that will bite u when u touch them. or run away when u let them loose. =_='

i'm kindda felt guilty and blamed myself for their death. T__T

Sunday, October 3, 2010

he ate a lot!!

just bought oyen his catfood. rm6 and in tiny packaging one. i think will last only for a week. the thing is, he ate a lot!! waa oyen. i'm broke already. T__T

i'll put u on a diet. with me okayy!! haha. sorry dear. mumy loves you ok. =D

p/s : actually it was my brother who bought the catfood not me. same la. have to save money also what. ouwh!! am i really going to be the real cheapskate?? =_='

Saturday, October 2, 2010

the way i save money

not buying any new clothing UNLESS it is necessary.

not buying news paper. just read the news online.

not buying DVD or watching movies nymore. watch online only. pity huh?

simply cut off my makan. can diet somemore. save money get skinny bodsss. nice one.

starving myself to death. (same like the above point)

no taxi. motorbike is da super duper saver. usually asked someone to pick me up or going out with someone else bike. they have to pay for the fuel not me. great saving on money. haha!

no lepak2 at expensive restaurant. mamak is enough. get one drink like ice tea and watch the football match smp lebam. less money spent in a long period of time during the lepak time.

don't purcase any gossip mag. if wunna get update with the latest one, as usual. go online!!

ddk ipoh diam2. if i often going back home, have to pay for the bus ticket. pegi balik already around rm 36. no point going back also. better save money.

buy un-branded things that looks like the branded one. can get very cheap clothing range from rm15-rm50 at sg wang. will not permanently doing this. once i earn my own money, will splurge myself with all the branded stuff. =D

wearing my contact lenses for 2 mths eventhough it's recommended to wear only for a month.

going to keep my hair long. if i cut, then have to pay somemore. what for right? better just leave it. no need to do any changes.

make my own notes on every subject instead of buying it.

pluck my eyebrows by myself so it's neat and tidy. if get the service outside, will cost you around rm10-rm15.

rebond my hair only ONCE a year.

bring only enough money to buy something. not going to bring more than enough.

cheapskate? no i'm not. just tring to save money okayyy. =)


wtf man!!! forcing myself to stay awake just to watch that game. and you know what?? no goal at all!! not even one. come on la. sunderland je kot. what happened to the red devils?? and for the second half, i don't know y they are so retarded by putting this guy named be'be'?? wtf. x de org laen ke. ntah dr mne dtg ntah. no hat trick from berbatov like the last game before this one also. regretted myself watching this game. so dissappointed with the red devils. better sleep with oyen than watching this game. seriously.

Friday, October 1, 2010

gonna finish it!!

haven't finish my last 2 hours of damn fucking kelas moto yet!! kakakaka. nah hamek tetangguh bape bulan da. due to raya + exam + malas somemore.

reminder to myself. Finish it today!!!!

he's sleeping

oyen sleeping under my lappy desk.
on top of my pile of notes.
so cute!!