Saturday, October 16, 2010

my hero =)

yess. he's my fav hero among all the heroes in all the shitload of film i have watch!! ARAGORN, son of ARATHORN. gahhh!! i wish he is real. i mean i know Viggo Mortensen played Aragorn in all the LOTR sequel, but i just like Aragorn not Viggo okayy. I'm not a big fan of his other film, infact i did not watch them. The only film i watched which he is in is LOTR. And it is damn good!! Aragorn is such a man of my dream. haha. I remember watching LOTR and fall for him!! I actually fall in love with a movie character. =D well, he was such a macho man in that film. he is so calm to watch in that movie. he hardly speaks and that really stand out his bravery. no wonder i fall for him. gahaha. i know most pll like legolas. but hey, aragorn is not bad either. plus he did not have blonde hair like legolas. which i think is very weird. a guy having super lustrous shiny blonde hair?? duhh.

Gonna make my 7th time marathon watching LOTR sequel. =)

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