Tuesday, October 19, 2010

update - pharmaco & boboy

gahh!! i deserved it okay. i know. i got my mid-sem pharmacology paper today. and u know my marks is so damn teruk!! only got 10 marks out of 30 for the assay part. =_=! well, i didn't know that we have to write in 'assay' style since i wrote mine in point form. plus i don't study much lehh. left 2-3 questions somemore!! well, i thinking of retaking the exam. but to study for all the chapter back, gahh!! hell!! i only study for exam and quickly delete all the information from my brain after answering that current paper. ok2. i need to study hard from now on. have to study-for-knowledge-not-for-exam. ok2. i get it.

ha. oyen got a new partner. he's name is boboy!! will upload pictures of him later. =D ya i know it's a 'him' but my oyen is not a gay okayy. hehe. wait. did i say partner? well no actually. more like a rival to him. cats do get jealous. when i hug boboy, oyen was like looking very furious at us.
gahaha. oyen mumy still loves u. =D maybe he's just jealous because boboy is much more macho than him. he's handsome!! he's tough. while oyen is kindda like... sotong a bit la. oyen ni tu pn nak jeles ke.

i'll upload boboy's photos soon. =)

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