Wednesday, October 20, 2010


gahh!! i dunno what to say. what to do. i'm really getting bored here. facebooking and youtubing can no longer cure my boredness. having oyen also cannot cure me. i really need something interesting to spark my life back. like doing some sports maybe?? yeah. i'm having a really sportless years since i've been here in ipoh. and i noticed as i'm getting older, i spent less time with my loved one. if i have my goodfriends here would be awesome. and and as the day getting hectic day by day, everybody is busy spending their time sleeping rather than spending time with me!! yess that is u mista. u know who u are. my brother also is very busy with his work and cannot see me very often like b4. my life is totally completely in its highest state of boredomness right now. =_=!

i really wish i can find things or find a person that can cure my bored-to-hell symptom here. god help me please!!!

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Mimi said...

u didn't mention bout ym. haa, boleh la kot cure kbosanan ko. lets lets, kakaka~