Saturday, October 2, 2010

the way i save money

not buying any new clothing UNLESS it is necessary.

not buying news paper. just read the news online.

not buying DVD or watching movies nymore. watch online only. pity huh?

simply cut off my makan. can diet somemore. save money get skinny bodsss. nice one.

starving myself to death. (same like the above point)

no taxi. motorbike is da super duper saver. usually asked someone to pick me up or going out with someone else bike. they have to pay for the fuel not me. great saving on money. haha!

no lepak2 at expensive restaurant. mamak is enough. get one drink like ice tea and watch the football match smp lebam. less money spent in a long period of time during the lepak time.

don't purcase any gossip mag. if wunna get update with the latest one, as usual. go online!!

ddk ipoh diam2. if i often going back home, have to pay for the bus ticket. pegi balik already around rm 36. no point going back also. better save money.

buy un-branded things that looks like the branded one. can get very cheap clothing range from rm15-rm50 at sg wang. will not permanently doing this. once i earn my own money, will splurge myself with all the branded stuff. =D

wearing my contact lenses for 2 mths eventhough it's recommended to wear only for a month.

going to keep my hair long. if i cut, then have to pay somemore. what for right? better just leave it. no need to do any changes.

make my own notes on every subject instead of buying it.

pluck my eyebrows by myself so it's neat and tidy. if get the service outside, will cost you around rm10-rm15.

rebond my hair only ONCE a year.

bring only enough money to buy something. not going to bring more than enough.

cheapskate? no i'm not. just tring to save money okayyy. =)


the bert said...

go online(save money)+ use wifi university(save more money)..hahaha

hafiza said...

the bert : good one!! same like me. hehe