Saturday, October 23, 2010


gahh! seriously i'm having terrible mood swing. for this month, what did i do?? went back to k.l with absolutely nothing on purpose. last Friday after i went back home from class, i was thinking.. hurm.. maybe i should go back home. for a while. get out from this place. yeah. then i went back. without changing my uniform, i just grabbed all my things and stuffed them in bag then chiow. I arrived there around 5.30 p.m. ngam2 ooo. arrived at k.l sentral around 5 then took train to masjid jamek and then walked to my dad's office!! with my stupid period pain somemore. walking through the hectic k.l roads made me realize how peaceful is ipoh. with all the traffic jammed, gahh!! i don't want to be there nymore. =_=! sorry my hometown. i hate u cuz u're getting worst with all the pollution and the stupid unpeaceful environment.

then the next day i just hang out with my bff. we went to klcc and ate the sakana blackpepper dori fish whatever la at sushi king. yummy!! and it was fun chatting with her. atleast i've forgot my mood swing and all the irrelevant things i've been thinking inside my mind temporarily. but the part that i hate the most is how packed the klcc is!! i know it was saturday and what am i expecting right? traffic jammed as usual at the jalan ampang, and and all the ppl are packed inside the building due to heavy rain outside. my mind was spinning like crazy!! i don't know how i survive this kind of environment before i'm here in this peaceful little state. gahhh!!

but i am satisfied. met my bff then bought new pair of pants from pdi (50% discount at isetan. wooohoooo~) =) worth it!! then i went back to ipoh on the same day that is saturday. crazy right??

i dunno when i'm gonna be back there again.

p/s : planning to stay in ipoh permanently. how's that? bye2 k.l.

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Mimi said...

ye, sdap sakana tu. aku rse pasni mkan tu jela xDD. rajen2 la balik pasni, hehe..