Tuesday, June 18, 2013

365 days with you.

we've seen each other EVERY SINGLE DAY since i started my semester break. which was on 5th of may now that's a new record for us. it is not so surprise as we both is so clingy to each other, and seeing him every each day just made my day. and him? i can tell he can't survive half the day without seeing me. and thank you for that. because being clingy is what i always wanted in a relationship. like seriously. i think, when you're with the right person, who is your bestfriend, your boyfriend, your partner, we tell each other about everything, bored?? it does not exist you know. yes we're not perfect. we do fight, quarrel about stupid things, but in the end, we've just forgive each other. and our fight won't last even for a day. now that's a good thing. we're constantly on the phone, talking to each other, thanks to digieasy, for enabling us talking on the phone for like ridiculously freaking long hour. i've been with him for the last 1 year. and i can tell you it is the best moment in my life. which i'll keep till the day i die. i don't know if he's the man i'll be marrying someday in the future, but the truth is i don't care. i just want to be with the right person. marriage is not like buying candy in the shop, go back home and eat them. it's far more than that. just let the time goes by and see what is for us next in the future. for the time being, we just enjoy life, together, through thick and thin, until i don't know when. until i'm old maybe? who knows right. =)

Monday, June 17, 2013


i seriously do not know what i should do in my life...

should i buy a car??

should i be with this guy??

should i go back home??

should i leave ipoh and start a new life somewhere else??

i do not know..

i seriously do not know what i should do..

or where i should go...

or who i should be with..

i think i'm lost...