Wednesday, November 10, 2010

tired ouwh...

i've just started my job. and it is hectic!! phew. penat2. but i don't mind lah. for the sake of extra income (i won't say money cuz it sounds too materialistic). and now i manage to steal the time to blog something. as i spent most of the time sleeping and working. and a little time to study also. (see!! i did not neglect my studies after all. a bit only. gahaha).

well it is tired to do all the cleaning work as i working till the closing time. phew!! i can become a dayum GOOD housewife already meh! i cannot texting while working. so it is a good thing so that i can save my money on top up. ;P and get free meal some more!! not all the time la but sometimes. save up on makan lg. x dpt free pn x pe cuz i manage to steal some food from my workmates. gahaha. not steal okayyyy. they offered me.

went back around 1 o'clock in the morning, so yeah. won't have time to spend with oyen. so i've been negelected him a bit. hey that's a good thing okayyy.. i should teach him how to get his own food!! since all he did for food is meowing like madd hell and i gave them. and stilll... da kenyang but meowing cm mengong. apekah??? so ungrateful. gahaha.

well... won't have time to online also. so i will update my blog when.. when i feel like to and when i have the time. well, nothing interesting is going also. x kan nak blog psl anta pizza ngan cuci cawan2 hari2 kan?? bleeehhh!! lame.

well, that is all for now. my legs are killing me!! working 6-7 hours and have to stand and walk all the time. bubye. ;)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

jobless.. no more!!

ahaha. i got a job. yeah. i don't know y this ppl want to take me as their worker. well, aku x bgon pg!!! ehem ehem... sy tidak bgun pg dan susah utk bgun pg yer tuan2 dan puan2. meskipn waktu itu gempa bumi atau gunung berapi meletus. sy tetap akan tidur dgn nyenyak nyer beselimut pink bebantal peluk busuk ku itu. melaen kan.. tsunami? mungkin sy akan bgun sbb rumah sy dibanjiri air. bangun pn nek atas bumbung pastu.... kedebum!! zZzzZzZ~~ kembali.

aha. ape td?? oh.. i got a job. hehe. i waited for a good 3 days for the lost world to call me. but hell yeah. nope. i don;t think i got that job. then my friend ckp. eyh pizza hut nak gne org. then i went there and apply and terus dpt kijer. part time pn jd la. keje kalau tahan 3-4 bulan wat part time. leh kua b.b y'all!! haha. (angan2 jer)

ouwh. then kne interview sket. keje start kul 5 ptg. hell yeah. ni yg semangat. leh tidur dgn indah smp ke tgh hari.. lalala~ the kne interview tu dah dpt keje. dier ckp sal attire. kne pkai sua slack ngan t-shirt putih. owh itu senang ajer. kne bun rmbut. hurm. kt kolej pun bejuta kali kne tarik i.d sal x bun rmbut. ni time keje kne lak bun. ha ikot je la. reti je bun rmbut tp syg la konon rmbut rebond aku neh. cehh. bun pn bun la. then last skali... tekeluar ayat syahdu dr mulut penginterview tu.

"awk kne make up ye"



kne apa??

make up???



tidakkkkkkkk!!!!!! uhuk2.

sumpah x reti part ni. ayo!! kne make up ke keje pizza hut?? kot la keje kat m.a.c ke, kat body shop ker. leh terima la kne make. ni kne anto pizza kat meja pun kne make up. i x reti la u!!! haha. ah tp tepakse kan. x pe!! i'll do it. bak kate adidas, nothing is impossible. ngeh2.

maka aku pn amek la henset. tet tet. taip mcg. kat my bff sorang neh. mimi-san. cte2 la sal aku dpt keje. x cte lg part make-up(pdhal nyer tujuan utama mcg dier nak tnyer sal tu jer) ahaks. ohh mimi ckp kai sket2 je. bedak, eyeliner, maskara, lipgloss. blusher sket2 kalau ade. hoh?? aku x de pn bnde alah semua tu. ade pun ape ea... eyeliner sal aku ske blagak emo. maskara sal bli pn mse tu watson tgh sale buy 1 free 1 2 thn lepas smp skang x hbes2 lg. sental je la. bdk2 umah kesayangan lak x de. kalau x leh sental blusher aini ngan eyeshadow huda sket. siap pakej suh derang tlg buh segala mcm tu kat muka aku ni haha.

oh.... kijer hari selase. chill la. (konon pdhal nervous nak mmpos)

wish me luck y'all. wish me luck part keje ngan part make up skalik. hua3..

p/s : aini n huda. sila balik cepat. sy memerlukan pertolongan anda. anda tahu apa pertolongan itukan. gahahaha

Friday, November 5, 2010

Oyen tido part II

hai. sy oyen. ni muka sy mamai. lalala~ kre kambing biri2 lompat pagar seblom tido lah.

tu dia. kaki oyen mse dier tido. so cutee!! ;)

akhirnyerrrr. zZzZzZZZZzzz~~

posisi tido oyen yg boleh membuatkan anda berdarah idong. (lpe nak kover tutt tutt. x malu btol la oyen ni)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

job application

i was bored..
and currently it's the revision week..
plus all the holidays for the raya celebration..
i was like..
hm.. what should i do??
ahh cari keje la...
then i grabbed my sweater..
trus gi lost world...

konon la cari keje..

filled up the form..
interview kne bambu sket2..
cuz according to that boss/exec whatever la..
she said she had bad experience with masterskill students..
so my chance to get da job is 50-50..

kalau dpt bgus ahh..
if not i won't b upset..
my first try somemore..
nak harap pe la sgt...

but if i manage to get the job..
that's mean get some money...
to survive okayy..
i'm not those kind kaki enjoy x tentu pasal..
bgus arrr!!

oyen pn dpt mkn sedap2

wish me luck y'all..

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


i felt so left out right now...
i don't have a place to go..
or things to do...
or anyone to accompany me...
all i can do..
is text the usual ppl i mcg with...
study for the exam (yeah right)...

how's that??


i know...
but currently i'm not in the mood to do anything...
i just want to lie on my bed...
take my notes and read...
and texting at the same time...
reading without my mind really into what i read..
except just spinning thinking...
that he'll leave me..
for quite a long time...


i don't want u to leave me baby...
seriously i want u to be here with me...
don't be that far away from me..
bcuz i'll be missing u like hell here..

don't go please...

begging for u not to leave me..
won't change anything..
u have to go..
and i have to let u go...

take care baby..
i'll be waiting..
and i'll be missing u...
all the time..

i love u so much syg...
i really do..