Saturday, October 9, 2010

update again

have to get up early tomorrow. *hopefully* i have to do the QTI test in order to get trough to JPJ test. =_=' it's not that hard to pass the QTI. the hardest part is... to get up so damn early in the morning!!! haaaa!!! well, it seems like i truly having problem to wake up in the morning. i mean EARLY around 6-7 o'clock. gah!!! i'm not really into the test by sacrificing my beauty precious sleep. but made up my mind already. get up tomorrow and do the test!!! yeah yeah. i can do it. (plus my license will be expire this early nov).

and and..

i dunno y when we both are away from each other. u know what happened? having a fight over a simple stupid irrelevant things!! stupid stupid!! i hate it when he's back to his hometown. he'll not texting me so frequent like he used to. my brother always teased me. he said that he's busy with other girls at the moment that is y he cannot reply my msg or text me. good one bro!!! (*dush dush* punch my bro's stomach real hard until he vomitted) i know he's only teasing me. the thing is i'm afraid that if what he said is true. gaahhhh!!! i'm thinking too much. blom gi london gi ni. i dunno what will happen if we're REALLY far apart from each other. i don't really believe a long distance relationship will work. ehem ehem. said it once again. I DO NOT BELIEVE A LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP WILL WORK OKAYYY. even the short distance one also cannot work. don't tell me the long distance one can. gahhh. all nonsense la. kan?? agree with me?? (put knife at your throat so that u guys will agree with me. gahahaha!)

Lastly, here's some photos taken while oyen is sleeping. Which got nothing to do with what i just wrote above. =P

p/s : i hate to write bout this crap things, but my blog function is to express my feeling since i don't find ppl will take seriously if i told them. oyen also won't listen to me. sorry 4 the inconvenient readers. =)


Sofiah Nazirah said...

babe, goodluck QTI!

hafiza said...

thanks babe!! love yaa =)

Mimi said...

kucing ko mmg pmalas btul la fiza.. =.=" anyway, goodluck dlm usaha anda nk bangun pagi! ;D

hafiza said...

yess. mmg dasar pemalas. nak wat menantu konpem kne rejek. haha.

well, i failed mt attempt to wake up early. so no qti for me. ahaks. (ade org nak mara la tu aku x gi qti)lalala~