Wednesday, February 5, 2014


" A mouthful of gentle words. A handful of good deeds.
 A smiling face. A heart full of happiness"


Wisdom is treasure

Be kind and give charity happily

Be helpful to others

Speak kind and good words


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Semester 4

I took 6 major courses this semester.

  • health, safety and environment (HSE)
  • corporate ethics
  • statistic and empirical methods
  • software engineering
  • network security
  • wireless technology

i just want to review and add my thought on each of this subject, and also what my target for this semester. we start with the first 3 of my IT course.

Software engineering

First of all, the lecturer slides for this subject is no fun. Blue background and white font for ALL the slides. can you imagine that? when the slide is changing, i cannot tell weather it is a new slide or just the previous one. and again, i don't know why my university system is more fond towards talking about the managing of things you should do rather than doing the work itself. I mean, i need more practice on how to programmed, how to do stuff and all. it is very disappointing to me. I've been feeling this since the first semester and i have to actually learn to do something from youtube and google things. i hate that. i really hate when all i have to do is listen to how to do something. Why can they actually teaches us, i mean show how to do the work??

Network security

i cannot comment much of this subject. so far so good. I only have 1 small project to work on.

Wireless technology

Lots of reading required. Which is fine. Hopefully the project is easy to moderate.


Simple subject. I have 1 major project to work on. It's a thesis. My group is awesome. So that's make things simpler.Required lots of reading.

Corporate ethics

I would say that this is my least favorite subject for this semester because the content is difficult to learn. It's not that it is hard to understand. They should make it simpler in terms of delivering the info. no need to use such bombastic words. I easily get bored during class during this subject and i tend to play with my cellphone. Which is not good and i don't usually do that in class. I have 1 individual project and 1 group project for this subject.

Statistic and empirical methods

Out of the other 2 non-IT subject that i took for this semester, this one if my fav. Because it involve math. Calculating things. no project which good.


Hopefully i can get A for all of the subject. 1 or 2 B is ok. I need Deans List again this semester because my pointer in the first semester is not that good and second semester i got really shitty pointer. Maybe i'm still adapting to the course at that time. semester is good. i word really hard and managed to get good pointer. And now i'm trying to maintained that.