Tuesday, July 20, 2010


ms minho don't know what she did wrong.
suddenly, without saying anything.
he left. and dissapear!!

ouwh. n my mind cannot think wisely for the time being.
mr ragunath asked me : "hafiza, can u tell me the 4 types of receptor"
me : "urm.. got 4 actually but i only remember one. g-proten coupled receptor"

i knew all the answer actually.
but my mind won't let me spit out the words.
because my stupid mind is current in the mood of thinking bout ur stupid attitude towards me for the last 5 days.



choi minho

choi minho my new guy. cehh!!

minho, walaupun awk under age. i still love u baby!! haha

perhatian : tajuk entri tiada kne mngene ngan entri yg bakal ditulis.

ms minho (that's me) yg tgh keferusan, decided to take minho as her new guy.

full stop. minho. minho. dang!