Wednesday, December 15, 2010

update in the middle of tiredness

i haven't been in a good mood recently. cuz i've been thinking of him too much i think??? which i know that he won't do the same to me. i guess he'll not be thinking of me. even a bit. i think so. i'm so being an emoshit right now. -_-" come on la fiza. wake up okayyy.

haven't replied all the messages he sent me. won't make any different. the feeling of missing him so badly won't fade. gosh!! i do not know what he did to me???!! i blamed cupid for shooting their arrow at me. gahaha. ridiculous. i know. ;P


overall. nahhh. i'm happy. being hectic like damn shit. won't have time to think about that matter actually. so literally, i'm okayy. i'm good. healthy. plus loss some weight lg!! and and ... i have amazing ppl around me. they made me happy. ;)

eh eh.. forgot to tell u guys...

i'll be back to k.l this month y'all!! but haven't decide the date yet. but i'm sure i'll be going back home.

that's all.

sekian for this damn shit lame entry.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


i'm weak

i'm emotionless

i'm haven't eat anything 4 this whole day

but i'm not feeling any slightly hungry

pretending like i'm healthy

cuz i don't want to eat that stupid medicine

cuz i felt that it won't make me feel any better at all

i just want to lie on my bed

shut down my eyes

and sleep till... dunno yet.



demam lg

hoh?? demam lg.bgun2 je tgh hari td (bukan pg ea), ingt nak ciap2 gi keje. then tbe rse cm omaigod. pahal pale pening. sakit badan. tekak sakit. msuk lma blik air jirus air sikit. omaigod!! cm jarum cucuk2 kt kulit aku. SAH!!! demam tonsil lg. sbb tonsil aku sakit balik T___T

takut owhh kne buang tonsil. so aku pn gi la hospital kerajaan. x nak gi klinik yg aku salu gi tu. doctor tu ckp kalau aku salu demam cm ni tonsil kne buang.

dats mean... OPERATION???

oh tidak tidak. x nak. T___T

x pun ni demam ala2 mix la. demam tonsil ngan demam rndu. haha. blah la lu fiza. tp rndu jgk kt dier. own ckp dier nak balik mnggu depan. hm. balik la. nak lari x mo jmpe dier. x nak x nak.

aku rse thn ni thn aku paling byk demam. sejak2 tonsil aku x normal ni. tp aku x kan buang okay tonsil aku ni!! tonsil itu organ. kalau buang mkne nyer aku cacat??? i think so. no no!!

oh yer. abg aku x bg keje sok. tp nak keje la. cm bowink je duk umah. tgk la kalau sihat sok gi keje. tp kolej konpem x gi la. penat tnggu 2 jam td mek ubat ngan m.c. hua3.

tido la. pening la. sakit2 badan.