Monday, October 4, 2010

my late hammies =_='

i miss my late hammies. they were so cute!! but.. they r all dead already.

waaa!! last time i got 5. 2 of them died on my care. 1 dead bcuz my brother's cat bite my hammy. and the other 2 died because my brother forgot to take them in, leaving them dying cold in a heavy rain.

miss to have hammies as my petsy but when i think back. no point also!! i only like them bcuz they're cute. they r not like other pet like oyen who u can touch and hug. they're just madly unfriendly that will bite u when u touch them. or run away when u let them loose. =_='

i'm kindda felt guilty and blamed myself for their death. T__T


Mimi said...

agreed. hammies sgt x friendly. dorg ni sronok ditenung je. x cam kucing, serba seronok. seronok dijaga, sronok ditenung, sronok dipeluk, seronok, seronok, seronok, seronok~

hafiza said...

kan kan. nak tenung je boleh. tp bler da tenung mle la rse geram. ble rse geram mle nak pegang peluk2 ke hape. apekan saya. hammies x friendly!! haish. oyen is better. kalau ckp ngan dier pn reti la nk bls balik kat ak walupun sepatah dua pth meow2 kan. hakhak.