Wednesday, November 10, 2010

tired ouwh...

i've just started my job. and it is hectic!! phew. penat2. but i don't mind lah. for the sake of extra income (i won't say money cuz it sounds too materialistic). and now i manage to steal the time to blog something. as i spent most of the time sleeping and working. and a little time to study also. (see!! i did not neglect my studies after all. a bit only. gahaha).

well it is tired to do all the cleaning work as i working till the closing time. phew!! i can become a dayum GOOD housewife already meh! i cannot texting while working. so it is a good thing so that i can save my money on top up. ;P and get free meal some more!! not all the time la but sometimes. save up on makan lg. x dpt free pn x pe cuz i manage to steal some food from my workmates. gahaha. not steal okayyyy. they offered me.

went back around 1 o'clock in the morning, so yeah. won't have time to spend with oyen. so i've been negelected him a bit. hey that's a good thing okayyy.. i should teach him how to get his own food!! since all he did for food is meowing like madd hell and i gave them. and stilll... da kenyang but meowing cm mengong. apekah??? so ungrateful. gahaha.

well... won't have time to online also. so i will update my blog when.. when i feel like to and when i have the time. well, nothing interesting is going also. x kan nak blog psl anta pizza ngan cuci cawan2 hari2 kan?? bleeehhh!! lame.

well, that is all for now. my legs are killing me!! working 6-7 hours and have to stand and walk all the time. bubye. ;)

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