Thursday, November 4, 2010

job application

i was bored..
and currently it's the revision week..
plus all the holidays for the raya celebration..
i was like..
hm.. what should i do??
ahh cari keje la...
then i grabbed my sweater..
trus gi lost world...

konon la cari keje..

filled up the form..
interview kne bambu sket2..
cuz according to that boss/exec whatever la..
she said she had bad experience with masterskill students..
so my chance to get da job is 50-50..

kalau dpt bgus ahh..
if not i won't b upset..
my first try somemore..
nak harap pe la sgt...

but if i manage to get the job..
that's mean get some money...
to survive okayy..
i'm not those kind kaki enjoy x tentu pasal..
bgus arrr!!

oyen pn dpt mkn sedap2

wish me luck y'all..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

lost world??
bgn pagi ke ang 2 nak p keja..