Thursday, February 16, 2012


i told myself, to not let him go. i was selfish. i was blind. i was a fool. but i've gained my courage. to tell you that i let you go. and asked for your forgiveness. i apologise, for what i've done to you. there's so many mistakes i made towards you. i hurt you. but there's not even a single time pass by, and every each breath of mine, you're always in my heart. in my mind. but i was thinking, what if she's the one for you. what if she can give you the happiness, that you was never felt with me. she took care of you unlike me who mounting an ego, to not let myself down and not being with you whenever you need somebody by your side. she understands you, unlike me, i was relying on you. hoping that you would understand me. i cried with all my heart. infront of you. begging you, not to hurt me anymore. as what i've been through right now, it is enough already. if your intention is to made me realize, that losing you will be the most saddest feeling i can ever felt. it works. i am hurt. i am sad. but i was never mad at you. for what you've done. i took it as my punishment. to be a better person in the future. if it is not with you, then i should be better person to somebody else. i made a promise, if later on i found a person, that i love as much as i love you, i will never take things for granted. because i don't want to lose that person anymore, just like i lost you.

please don't make this hard for me..
help me.. to forget you..
and forget our memories..

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