Tuesday, January 25, 2011

classes.. adoi. -_-"

i sleep a lot lately.very often u know. one of the day, i slept about 16 hours and woke up just one hour b4 went to work. like hell crazy lorh!! i dont know y my body feels like they are just waiting the time to rip apart. i'm tired. tired like hell. seriously.

and lately i noticed that i'm no more interested in going for classes. ehem. i'm still interested in studying okayy. it's just that i don't like the fucking hell going to college and classes and all. it's getting bored day by day. just sat in the class, hearing my lect blah blah blah. maybe it's because the environment?? fucking cold aircond, dim light while watching slide, lecturer gives their lecture for 1 hour straight b4 giving 5 mins of break. nice huh. i found that i can no longer concentrate after 30 mins of lecture. -_-"

i skip classes very often lately. i don't know y. i rather studying on my own that going to college. well, as u guys know, my college is... kindda.... different from the normal one. it is more like a school than a college. seriously!! i felt like i've being treated like a school children. school is better that my college. more activities, more food in the canteen, sports!! yeah sports. i've been through a really sportless year since i'm here. wtf. -_-"

i must put all the strength to get through this college life for about.... another 5 mth. and then i'm going for posting. better than classes i wish. i cannot do something that don't require myself just to sit back and do nothing. i need to move okayyy. walk here and there, making myself dayyuum tired. that's the way i like!!! ;D

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