Wednesday, December 15, 2010

update in the middle of tiredness

i haven't been in a good mood recently. cuz i've been thinking of him too much i think??? which i know that he won't do the same to me. i guess he'll not be thinking of me. even a bit. i think so. i'm so being an emoshit right now. -_-" come on la fiza. wake up okayyy.

haven't replied all the messages he sent me. won't make any different. the feeling of missing him so badly won't fade. gosh!! i do not know what he did to me???!! i blamed cupid for shooting their arrow at me. gahaha. ridiculous. i know. ;P


overall. nahhh. i'm happy. being hectic like damn shit. won't have time to think about that matter actually. so literally, i'm okayy. i'm good. healthy. plus loss some weight lg!! and and ... i have amazing ppl around me. they made me happy. ;)

eh eh.. forgot to tell u guys...

i'll be back to k.l this month y'all!! but haven't decide the date yet. but i'm sure i'll be going back home.

that's all.

sekian for this damn shit lame entry.

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Mimi said...

BALIK. jgn x balik! :D