Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I'm currently trying to understand and accept the differences in people around me. People have good side and bad side of them. That's for sure. Including me.

Some people are kind to you. And some are not. People do change. So, don't hope for a person to treat you kindly all the time. And don't hope for them to treat u badly all the time. They do change.

People that you love the most, at the end turn to be the person that you hate the most. The person that you respect the most, suddenly turn you down. It's ok because it's hard to change people. And sometimes you even cannot change them. Because you cannot even change yourself, how can you change people? Aite.

Well, i've learned something. Is that whatever happen, you just have to keep up with the situation. What else can we do right? Trying to fix the situation is darn hard. Even me cannot do that when something that's not right happened.

People blame you for what has happened..
People don't easily admit their mistakes...
People look at you like you're the cause for the bad things that happened..
Eventhough u know that u're innocent..
You cannot do anything..
Because i believe that justice does not exist in the world we're living..
When you tell the truth, people said it's a lie...
They'll said that u're wrong..
Even they know what they stand up so strong for is a lie...

It's hard to understand people..
It really do..

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