Thursday, April 15, 2010

He's gone forever

He said he's engaged..
And he's gonna get married end of this year..
Yes he's my ex but i do not know why i felt this way..
I'm kindda sad..
But i'm relief..
Relief to know that he's already get over me..
And our sweet memories...

I've been with him for 4 years..
4 years full of happiness..
I never found someone that i love..
The same way i loved him..

I don't know whether he's telling the truth or not..
But either way..
Eventhough he lied about this thing..
I know that someday he will be with someone..
And that someone is not me...
I can't believe what he said because i don't wanna believe it..

I don't love him the way i love him before..
But i can't forget even a bit all of our memories together..
And maybe i will remember it for the whole of my life..

I'm not mad at him for forgetting me..
And met somebody new..
I only can wish for his happiness..
And hope that he will be happy with that new person..
Happier than when he was with me..

My bestfriend said that maybe i will find someone in the future...
Someone that is much more better than him..
Maybe i do..
But for the time being..
I'm quite sad...
Sad to know that he will be gone forever from my life...
and we will never be friend because he already have someone..

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