Sunday, October 28, 2012

i am happy ;)

like seriously..
i am those kind of girls who are constantly in a relationship..
not that i like to do it..
it just happened..
people come and go you know..
and people do change..
atleast, i'm the type of girl who had ONLY a relationship with a person at a time..
get it?? ;)
my previous boyfriends, all got stuck up with another girls..
and i'm not even mad a them..ok that's a lie..
i do get mad but not for a long time..
there're still young.. not even matured enough..
and may not be serious yet to be in a relationship..
so recently i am happy because i get to know my current bf..
and he's the most sincere guy and bf i've ever had...
when people promise you something, you can tell whether they're just saying it or they're really mean it..
well, maybe he's older and matured and bla bla bla...
a girl like me?? nahh.. i won't survive  being alone. haha.

i'm happy and that's all i ever wanted. just to be HAPPY. ;)

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