Tuesday, February 14, 2012

letting go and moving on

 we used to be happy together..
we get along very well..
we share our laughter..
we care for each other..
i was very happy..
eventhough deep inside me..
i never feel confident..
i felt insecure..
but being with you was the happiest thing in my life..
i told myself..
not to be worried..
all is going to be fine..
even i knew...
such thing will happened..
we will be apart..
we will hate each other..
we tend to blame each other..
and it happened..
i'm hurt..
i'm sad..
losing you was worst feeling i can ever felt...
i'm not blaming you..
as i know i was never perfect for you..
and still i am not..
you choose her instead of me..
to be part of your life..
i wish..
i'm the one..
who is going to hold your hand till we're old..
spending our life together..
having a family together..
until i realize..
i was just dreaming..
dreaming about something that is impossible..
because i was never in your heart..
i knew it all this while..
but keep pretending..
i lied to myself..
i convinced my self...
denying the fact..
pretending that is not true..
i was a fool..
i was stupid..

but now i have to let you go..
it was hard..
as i've been through this kind of situation before..
and i never thought of going through it again..
this is life..
forgetting you is hard..
but i have to..
life is never easy...
i wish you're happy with her..
you will always in my heart..

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