Sunday, February 26, 2012

the book

i love to read books. but somehow, i didn't manage to do that recently. recently is not just recently. it had been 2 years i haven't constantly read books. i mean, i used to read a lot during my high school years. there's a logic behind it, well maybe i have more time during that days compare to now. but i had made a .. not a promise.. it is more like a must to do things that i have to do daily. so that i don't think much about real life. yess i admit it. my imagination is wild and crazy and it feels like i'm drowning into the storyline and not aware what's happening around me at that time. does it make sense? i don't know if it happened to you guys too but yeah. me being me. 

and recently i read this book called shiver. it was the best!!! one of the best books i've ever read. when i read this books, i feel like i was watching the character doing what they're currently do in the books. it was awesomeee feeling i tell ya. woah!! no words can describe that..

seriously i recommend you, those novels junkies to grab this books and read it. i haven't finish with the first book yet. but i'm totally excited and soo eager to read the next two. (i bought the set which include all the three books come in this shhiver series). but warning, those who hate twilight, don't bother to read this books. because u might strangle me after u read the first 3 chapter. haha. 

gonna read read read and read until i'm bored with this series. just like i did when i was crazy about harry potter. i read those series for like...20 times?? for me to read a book more than over 20 times, that book must be crazily unlogic, fiction and damn good. 

i just love this series... i hope they made it into movies. so that i can curse if the movies sucks. ;P

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