Wednesday, September 29, 2010


i wish i'm in alaska right now. cuz it's so damn hot here. seriously i easily sweat and having this type of weather. oo gosh. felt like roasting myself to death already. i may not be that fair, but somehow, i need to keep my skintone like just the way it is now. today i went to college. got pharmacy day activities actually. lucky i came late so i don't need to do the activity. it was so hot that it hurts my eyelids already! (yess. my eyelids somehow will feel like burning whenever the weather is damn hot). i don't know what's wrong with me, but that what usually happened to me when i'm in a warm situation like just now. my eyelids hurt! sounds weird. but yeah. up to u guys whether u wunna believe me or not okayy. Ouwh ouwh. n i saw him in college just now. =) but i don't bother to see him. rse cm malas plak. went back to home around 1 o'clock. i asked my brother to pick me up because i cannot stand to wait for the bus in the damn crowd ppl, plus because of the weather somemore. ouwh. and the event for tonight, got a dinner for the launching of the pharmacy club. gosh! seriously i don't want to go. (in order to avoid someone).

i'm going to take a nap right now and dream that i'm in alaska with all the cute cuddly polar bears babies. daaa~

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Mimi said...

"...with all the cute cuddly polar bears babies."