Sunday, September 26, 2010


I easily got sick recently. 2 weeks alternately, then my fever starts to come back. bodo!! i don't like being sick with all these stupid headeache + body ache. I don't mind if i have to take shitloads of medicine. That one is not a problem to me. But getting sick, make me feel uncomfortable. Having this fever, I cannot do anything without feeling uncomfortable. ='(

Then, i went to a clinic near Tanjung Rambutan. Since there was no clinic opened at 8 o'clock in the morning, apparently we (me and my bucuk) have to search the whole tambun town for a damn fucking clinic!!! Finally, we found one. Dr Ramesh Clinic. With a full hope, i entered to that clinic expecting some good medicineSSS to relieve these stupid sickness i've been suffering for almost 2 days already!!! Felt like dying already la!! (called me manja mengada-ngada whatever la. I'm fucking sick what.)

After a while, the doctor arrived to that clinic. I think he did not expect ppl to come so early in the morning to his clinic. that is y he was not available at that moment yet. But still, he came!! The staff nurse called him on the phone and he came straight away to the clinic, brought along his wife and children. i think they were on their way to have a nice saturday breakfast family thingy but i disturbed their plan already lorh. sorry doc.

Then the staff nurse called me in. I sat on the chair, waiting to be asked for the usual questions that dr. will asked u when u have a fever. Bla bla bla. he asked bout my fever. Then i answered back.

"I got headache, bodyache, sore throat no cough or flu, but cannot swallow food properly, then this morning, got some yellow thing coming out together with my spit. it's already been 2 days since i had this fever."

Hehe. too long explanation right. whatever la. Then as usual, the dr, check my heartbeat, after that my temperature. it was 38.0 C!! so high lorh!! The last thing he checked was my throat. Took out his normal looking torchlight, asked me too opened up my mouth, and then...


Wth??!! Uwaaa. Don't make joke like that la doc. Why suddenly OMG at me? I was shocked and terrified at the same time!!

Then the doctor said..

"hurm. Got pus on your tonsils. And they're bleeding already. If not treated well, it may get worst"

T____T. the doctor said if i get fever more than 5 times this year, there are possibility that i have to remove my tonsils. To my horror, i've been getting fever like what arr.. I think 5-6 times already!!! Uwaaa!!!!

Btw, this how my tonsils look like. (not mine, i took them from internet. But i assure that it's 99.9% similar with mine!!)

so unattractive fugly!!! i wish there's no eligible guys out there knows that my tonsils look like this. hehe.






I have to go to the clinic tomorrow to check whether my tonsils are already recover. If not, have to remove them. That's mean, SURGERY!!!! waaaa!!! T____T

i hope i don't have to go for a tonsil surgery because i think it is so unattractive = open-mouthed while u're unconcious. Tak market langsung!!

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Mimi said...

chill my dear..insyaAllah everything is going to be fine =) x elok jugak kne bedah la ko jwabnye, aku xkire!!