Friday, September 17, 2010

ntah la....

i just got back from k.l yesterday. Thursday, 16 sept. the reason why i'm back here in ipoh this soon (most of the student will be back on sunday due to raya) because, first, i don't like to stay at my home and second, i miss Ipoh!!

Seriously, i'm happier being here in ipoh than in k.l. I found that i'll be a boring, untalkative person around my family. Kindda like an emo person when i'm with them. i totally got double shit personality leh!! and i easily get sick when i'm back there in k.l. Emotion do effect my health lately.

i cannot imagine myself staying there (in k.l) PERMANENTLY after graduating my diploma. i don't want to leave this place Ipoh. that is why i planned to stay in ipoh after i graduated. i know he won't allow me to stay here. but what for you risk yourself to be in that place where u are sure 110% that u won't be happy? i want to be happy. i don't want to be a emo shit person surrounding by ppl that makes me unhappy. made up my mind already. staying here in ipoh, get a part-time job while waiting for my degree application. well, i only can planned this. but i'm not sure if its going to be happen for real in the future. i hope it will be.

but to stay on my own after this, there's a whole lot of shits going on in my mind. where am i going to stay? what if i don't get a job? how am i going to pay the house rent? and i have to pay all the bills on my own. do i have enough money at that time to support myself? hurm. i do not know. and i don't want to know. i just can give my best and try to make it all happen.

gosh. wtv la.

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