Sunday, April 25, 2010


It's raining now..
In Ipoh..
The weather suit my mood very well..
Maybe I'm thinking too much...
Not maybe..
In the cold air..
He made me feel worst by saying all the mistake i've made before..
I hate to hear it..
But yes, it's true..
It's my damn mistakes and i can't deny what he said..
All the things he said is true..
And HE i refer to..
Is not my bf, siblings, friends, etc..
I don't know what he is to me..
What to called him..
But he always right about all the things that happened around me..
I hate it when what he said is right..
Because after that..
Especially when i laid myself on the bed..
Right before i fell asleep..
I will always remember what he had said earlier...
And i told myself..

"Hurm. He's right and i never take his words seriously. I should have take his words seriously before all this stupid matter occur. But hell yeah, it's too late already."

I appreciate all the advices..
And hoping for more in the future..
Thanks Mr. I..

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